Saturday, February 5, 2011

SOP sample for Hospitality Management

MBA Hospitality Management (sop sample)

Hospitality is distinctive business activity and has a critical role in global economy leading to create percentage of jobs worldwide. And also it performs major role in satisfying guest requirement in one or the other way.
Looking at the fast growing hospitality industry, it is necessary to have a strong base in education and work experience. There is a scope of continuous growth and learning through practical experience depending on capabilities too.

It is my ambition to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment, to be instrumental in organization’s growth, to realize my potential and explore myself in productive manner and thus prove myself to be an asset for an industry.

I completed my graduation in hospitality from National council of Hotel management with second division and I still can improve my career and promotion prospects through Masters. Hence I would like to pursue my higher studies in hospitality sector from UK.

It is my keen aspiration to study my master’s degree in UK which has world’s best universities and education program for all students.

If given an opportunity to be a student of MBA in Hospitality from Ealing Hammersmith and West London College, I will be very fortunate to shape my career in advanced manner and I can furnish my knowledge and skills which I gained throughout my experiences. I will follow the rules and regulation set by the university and will focus on gaining maximum out of it.

**PG Diploma in Hospitality Management (sop sample)

Hospitality as a career is an assured one because hospitality as an industry can never wane and never can it come to an end! My first job was in McDonalds where I tasted the thrill of being part of a high end electric work environment. That was the start of the process of my falling in love with the career in hospitality industry.
Now after five years of experience in the industry, after joining yet another international brand KFC, after handling many positions and maturing as a professional, the thrill or excitement of the hospitality career has not lost its sheen a wee bit, rather it has put in mind dreams and visions of my future in hospitality business with my won set up.
I am from Delhi, India. As I gathered five years experience in international brands of restaurants, I did my commerce graduation and now I feel that I need more formal managerial education to further my career in the Hospitality industry. And to realize my dreams and visions of having my own hotel or a resort I do need strong formal managerial educational foundation and hence is the decision to go in for Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management.
At the last a few months at KFC I practically run the restaurant doing everything like managing, purchase, stores, finance, sales, staff, accounts etc. That was quite an experience, still I feel that formal education in a good institution with good faculties with innovative programs and projects is a must for my growth and that is the single reason of selecting your institution and the post graduate diploma in Hospitality management from Ealing Hammersmith and West London College.
My choice of pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Hospitality Management has been motivated by a desire to be a part of my father’s business. This career appears to me, as one that is most absorbing and challenging and at the same time exciting.
Getting the chance to study at your Institute will definitely equip me with the knowledge and expertise to excel in Hospitality industry and with the backing of a prestigious institute like yours, excellent guidance and support from your experienced and knowledgeable faculties will give me extra boost to enhance my knowledge and skills.
I will be interacting with different people from diverse cultures will greatly help me to understand the values of a global family. I have grown up with a broader vision towards different cultures. Therefore, I believe I will be able to contribute significantly to your institute.


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